Updating Chimera “Eaton”

This chimera is one of the oldest models I own. I bought the kit for this Chimera at the Grand Opening of the Games Workshop at the Eaton’s Centre in Toronto around 1998. It’s one of the few times Warhammer models were all discounted! The store has since closed, but I still have the tank and treasure it.   

Chimera “Eaton” before its update


The paint colours reflect the colour scheme I had for my Imperial Guard forces at the time:  Black with blue and red trim.

Old Imperial Guard models whose uniforms inspired the old colour scheme for Chimera “Eaton”


My new forces have a distinctly different colour palate. My new infantry models are grey with black and gold trim. I will probably get around to re-painting those old models too, but my mechanized army made me prioritize getting the vehicles up to spec more quickly.

Rather than re-painting the black hull Administratum Grey to look like my other Chimera, I decided to flip the colours a bit. I left the hull black, and gave it gold and grey trim. And I’m really happy with the result!

Chimera “Eaton” with its new paintjob


Chimera “Eaton” with its new colours, side view


Nameplate of Chimera “Eaton”. It says “Espandor VII” in a highly stylized font. I don’t remember what that was supposed to mean, but I decided to leave it.

I found that the gold on black looked really, really sharp. I’m tempted to paint others to look like it, but then I decided this should be a special tank.

The only physical change I made was to switch out the pintle-mounted storm bolter with a heavy stubber. Most tactics I’ve read suggest the heavy stubber over the storm bolter. They’re the same points, and although the heavy stubber is weaker and has a poorer AP, it fires 3 shots instead of 2, which is really important, especially if snap-shooting. 

Chimera Eaton Before(left) and After (right)
Chimera Eaton Before(left) and After (right)


I’m glad to (re-)introduce Chimera “Eaton” with its new colour scheme. I plan on using it as a stationary “pillbox” for a command squad. That way they are kept safe, the commander can still issue orders, and the tank can fire all of its weapons with full ballistic skill.

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