Regimental Advisors

I ordered this set of Regimental Advisors through an independent Tabletop Hobby store. Although I saved a few bucks, it took a month to be delivered, so I won’t be going back to them.

After reading about the Regimental Advisors in the Codex and some tactics blogs, I decided I had to have them as options to add to my Company Command Squad.

Regimental Advisors in the back row flanked by a command squad and Basilisk



I feel like I’m going to add this character to my Company Command Squad (CCS) in every game I play. He’s the cheapest psyker in the game at only 25 points, easy warp-charge points.  And he generates his powers from Telekinesis discipline which the Primaris Psyker can’t.

My Astropath Regimental Advisor


Master of Ordnance

The Master of Ordinance (MoO) is an interesting character. He’s a T3 single wound character for 20 points. But, he has the ability to call a S9 AP3 Large Blast BARRAGE attack down anywhere on the board.  The problem is it’s likely to scatter 3D6″! And since the attack counts as Ordnance, he has to remain stationary. A odd tradeoff, but could be handy for a static CCS.

Master of Ordinance on the back of a Basilisk (being blinded by my camera’s flash)


Master of Ordinance on the back of a Basilisk
Master of Ordinance on the back of a Basilisk with a command squad in the foreground


Officer of the Fleet

The Officer of the fleet (OoF) is character I don’t plan on using, but I’m glad to have.   

Upon passing a leadership test, this character improves your reserve rolls by one (so 3+ on a D6), or reduces your opponents reserve rolls by 1 (5+ on D6). This is stack able with other modifiers like a Comms Relay, Emperor’s Tarot, or another Officer of the Fleet. I don’t think this is all that great, especially since the leadership test will only be successful about 50% of the time for this character.

However, from the moment I saw this model, I knew how I wanted to paint him. I hope it’s painfully obvious. 

My officer of the fleet. I hope you can recognize his resemblance to a certain Starfleet Officer (hint, see vessel in the background)





Uses and Tactics

I was planning on usually having my CCS in a Chimera, which is fine for protection, issuing orders, and firing a witchfire power. However, if the tank moves at all that turn, it eliminates the ability for my MoO to fire.

Alternatively, I may have my CCS stationary hiding in cover or behind a blob squad. In that case, I’ll either have to be strategic about being stationary, or make use of a trick like the “Forward For The Emperor” order or hope my warlord rolls “Relentless” to make use of the MoO’s attack.