My Techpriest is Going To Be Busy…

Until recently, my Astra Militarum army was almost entirely infantry. I only had a Chimera and a Taurox. Then I went on another eBay binge and got another Chimera (opened but only slightly assembled) and a brand new Cadian Armoured Fist.  Building the two Chimera’s will keep me (and my techpriest) busy for a while. 

Omnissiah be praised! Bless these machine spirits!!

And I probably should have stopped there until I finished my backlog which now includes about 25 infantry and these two tanks. But no, I made one more purchase

eBay lot of 3 broken tanks, a Chimera, Basilisk and Hellhound
eBay lot of 3 incomplete tanks, a Chimera, Basilisk and Hellhound

The lot consisted of parts for 3 Imperial Guard tanks: A Chimera, a Hellhound, and a Basilisk. I thought it was too good a lot to let go.

I’m looking forward to having a heavily mechanized army now. When it’s all assembled, I’ll have the following vehicles:

  • 4 Chimeras
  • 1 Taurox / Taurox Prime
  • Basilisk
  • Hellhound

I’m currently bidding on a lot that includes the parts to upgrade a Chimera to a Hellhound. I think a pair of Hellhounds is better than one! And I may switch out their hull-mounted heavy bolters for mutlimeltas.

With so many vehicles, I should probably get another tech-priest and/or some servitors.  This tech-priest from Forge World looks amazing!

This tech-priest model looks amazing! And probably needed to help maintain my soon-to-be mechanized army.

Someone needs to get me off of eBay…