The “Fabulous” Fabius Bile

I’m working on a Circus-themed display board to enter in Armies on Parade 2021. I’ve already made a “Ringleader”  Daemon Prince and Greater Possessed “Strongman”. And a rock band of musicians on motor-tricycle recently

Thematically and rules-wise, I thought the most appropriate “Patron” for this freak show would be Fabius Bile. But, if he was going to be the high-rolling man-in-charge, I thought he’d need more swag. So, throw in a dapper hat with a feather and bling up his “Rod of Torment” and now he looks just a bit more flamboyant. Hence, the “Fabulous” epitaph.

Bile himself has many epitaphs: Chem-master, Manflayer, Clonelord, Primogenitor. He was formerly an Apothecary of the Emperor’s Children Legion, but has since struck out on his own, pushing the boundaries of science and magi-tech to create vile monstrosities, diseases, and other atrocities. It’s a wonder he hasn’t been elevated to Daemon Prince yet.

The “Fabulous” Fabius Bile with Surgeon Acolyte

Along with Bile is his Surgeon Acolyte removing the gene-seed from a fallen Loyalist Astartes. It’s an Imperial Fist, because I had lots of Imperial Fists transfers.

YOINK the Gene-seed, by Surgeon Acolyte