Magnetic Carrying Case

I’m finally going to play a game of Warhammer again, my first in almost a year. I decided I needed a better model carrying option than throwing them in a box full of bubble wrap, especially since I have Chaos models with lots of spikey bits. Many of my models already have magnets on their bases because I want them to stick to my display board. So, I decided to modify a box to carry the models.

It was a pretty simple assembly of things from Wal-Mart:

  • -A 14L plastic case
  • -9 x 13” carbon steel cookie sheet
  • -Gorilla Glue
  • -Tin shears
Some assembly required

I’ve used this plastic case for years and it fits nicely on my cart. I might even get another one.

It’s really important that the sheet be steel. If it’s aluminum magnets won’t work on it. I usually use sheet steel from a hardware store for the flat surfaces on my display board, but I found this is actually quite a bit cheaper.

Snip snip

I trimmed the cookie sheet so that it will fit inside the bin. Make sure you wear gloves when handling cut steel because the edges can get really sharp.

Cut down to size

After making sure the pan fits, I covered the bottom in gorilla glue, put a weight on it and left it overnight. 

Afterwards, voila! A carrying case with a steel base for holding models with magnets!

My Emperor’s Children army in the magnetized carrying case

Here’s a picture of my Emperor’s Children army for my game on Saturday. There are 50PL or about 1100 points!

The “Fabulous” Fabius Bile

I’m working on a Circus-themed display board to enter in Armies on Parade 2021. I’ve already made a “Ringleader”  Daemon Prince and Greater Possessed “Strongman”. And a rock band of musicians on motor-tricycle recently

Thematically and rules-wise, I thought the most appropriate “Patron” for this freak show would be Fabius Bile. But, if he was going to be the high-rolling man-in-charge, I thought he’d need more swag. So, throw in a dapper hat with a feather and bling up his “Rod of Torment” and now he looks just a bit more flamboyant. Hence, the “Fabulous” epitaph.

Bile himself has many epitaphs: Chem-master, Manflayer, Clonelord, Primogenitor. He was formerly an Apothecary of the Emperor’s Children Legion, but has since struck out on his own, pushing the boundaries of science and magi-tech to create vile monstrosities, diseases, and other atrocities. It’s a wonder he hasn’t been elevated to Daemon Prince yet.

The “Fabulous” Fabius Bile with Surgeon Acolyte

Along with Bile is his Surgeon Acolyte removing the gene-seed from a fallen Loyalist Astartes. It’s an Imperial Fist, because I had lots of Imperial Fists transfers.

YOINK the Gene-seed, by Surgeon Acolyte

Warp Talons with Balloons

Based on this article by Goonhammer, I decided I wanted some Warp Talons in my Creations of Bile list: They would be fast, hit with a bucketload of attacks, have boosted strength, and re-roll to wound. Unfortunately, they’d also be relatively fragile. In keeping with the rest of my models for this army, balloons would continue the circus-theme. 

I bought the balloons on Amazon. They are listed as “dollhouse balloons”. They make the models a bit unbalanced, but adding the magnets strategically in the bases adds some counterweight.

I’m Mary Poppins Y’all (source)

The balloons make it almost look as if they are being lifted aloft by the balloons, almost in a Mary Poppins sort of way. 

I’m definitely not modelling for advantage. In fact, because they seem more visible I’m probably modelling for disadvantage. But, rule of cool, right?

There is a lovely dichotomy and irony between these flying armoured daemon-infested superhumans with viscous talons, and the relative playfulness of the primary-coloured balloons. The contrast makes it even more delicious.

Converted Motor-tricycle with Icon and Female Chaos Space Marine Rock Band

I started this project as an entry for 28 Mag’s Female Space Marine project painting competition. It started like many other entries where people just put female heads on Space Marine bodies. It spiraled into this…

I’m working on a Circus-themed display board to enter in Armies on Parade 2021. I’ve already made a “Ringleader”  Daemon Prince and Greater Possessed “Strongman.” I am working on a full squad of 9 Chaos Space Marine bikes where the riders will be in outlandish trick poses. I decided one of them should have an Icon, which buffs the unit sort of like a Bard in DnD lore. Then I thought: “How can I make this over-the-top excessive and impractical?’ I thought back to my previous musician models, and thought up this design as a sort of cross between Mad Max and a Space Marine Attack Bike. Then, it just seemed an even more excessive step to have it with a female crew.

It started as a pile of bits

The tricycle itself is a massive hodge-podge kitbash of parts: At its base is obviously a Chaos Space Marine bike, plus an extra wheel from another bike. The additional frame parts are from the AoS Chaos Warshrine bits that didn’t get into “Blinky.” There is a lot of random sprue bits and green stuff holding it together. The Icon at the back is an Endless Spell. And the speakers are from Alternative Armies

The riders are made up of some unusual parts too. The Drum Kit is also from Alternative Armies. The drummer’s head is a Drukari (Dark Eldar) and her ponytail is from a Sister of Silence. The guitars are green stuff casts of the new Noise Marine’s guitar. The driver and right guitarists’ heads are from Female Barbarian Dwarf models for Dungeons and Dragons. The left guitarists head was made for a model I designed in Hero Forge to resemble my daughter with pigtails and a smirk. It was 3D printed by Anthony at Token Resistance.

The infantry models can all be removed from the model: There are steel washers embedded in the surface of the model and the musicians have magnets in their feet.

Lens flares are awesome!

As with many of my models, it has LED’s. The eyes of the “Icon” have flickering blue LED’s and it’s mouth has a rapidly colour-changing LED. The battery is in the base and the switch is on the back.


From a lore point of view, I know GW says that there aren’t any female Space Marines because the gene seed is incompatible with women. But, there are a few parties in the Warhammer 40k universe that can tinker with the genetics and laws of nature. Belarus Cawl comes to mind with his Primaries tech-heresy. So does Fabius Bile. I was planning on running this army as Creations of Bile, so if anyone has made Female Space Marines, Bile might be one of them. I guess they wouldn’t exactly be just Emperor’s Children any more; more specifically they’d be Emperor’s Daughters!

Riding into battle along with a unit of other Chaos Space Marine Bikes