Greater Possessed Conversion “Flex”

I have picked up a few Greater Possessed models pretty cheap. They come with the Shadowspear box set, and I guess people wanted other parts from the box. 

I’m working on a Chaos Space Marines: Creations of Bile army right now. This list will have a squad of 8-9 bikes. I thought it would be fitting to have a Greater Possessed carrying a bike instead of riding it.

This new army will be circus-themed. I posted the Daemon Prince “Ringleader” recently. This character is essentially supposed to represent the circus “strongman”.

A typical circus strongman

The pose was inspired by photos I’ve been seeing of people holding up their bikes. I don’t really understand this trend, or what they’re trying to say, but it does convey a certain level of power.

The conversion itself was a lot of work. I chopped the arms and right leg off of the Greater Possessed model. I used a lot of green stuff to reposition the right leg into more of a standing pose rather than its running pose. The arms are from the Chaos Sorcerer that comes with the AoS Chaos Warshrine. I put pins in the arm and used some green stuff to fill in the gaps. 

As with many of my models, it has LED’s. This time it has light-up eyes. I drilled the eyes out and drilled a hole in the back for the LED to fit. The battery and switch are on the base.

The colour scheme follows the pink paint scheme of the Daemon Prince for this army. I tried foregoing the Fulgrim Pink base before the Magos Purple contrast. I think it would look slightly better with the pink below. I’m particularly proud of the shading on the muscles on the arms. Really makes it pop I feel.

The base features an Aeldari (Eldar) Guardian getting stomped on, probably about to get smashed by the bike. I painted it the colours of the Lyanden craftworld because the yellow seemed to contrast best with the green base and pink of the character.

I’m pretty proud of how this model turned out. I think I’ll call him “Flex.”

Tabletop-wise, he’s not a great unit for points. He can hit okay, but I could get 2 Terminators for the points. His real value is his aura that gives +1 strength to units of the same Legion and chaos daemonic mark. So, he’ll buff the already boosted melee strength of my Creations of Bile Warp Talons, Mutilators, Possessed, Daemon Princes, and Obliterators of the same legion and mark. I’m dithering between Nurgle, Slaanesh, and Khorne for the mark on all my CSM Daemon units, and leaning towards Khorne right now.

So, do you even lift, bro!?