As with many hobbies and fandoms, there is unique jargon to the Warhammer 40k. Here is my growing list of terms and acronyms that I’ve discovered on various forums and blogs:

  • AM – Astra Militarum (formerly known as Imperial Guard)
  • AP – Armour Penetration, a weapon stat
  • AV – Armour Value for vehicles
  • BRB – Base Rule Book
  • BS – Balistic Skill, used for rolling to hit with ranged weapons
  • CAD – Combined Arms Detatchment
  • CC – Close Combat
  • CCS – Company Command Squad
  • CSM – Chaos Space Marines
  • Fluff – Name for the lore, fiction, and background of the 40k universe
  • FOC – Force Organization Chart
  • IG – Imperial Guard (now formally known as Astra Militarum)
  • MoO – Master of Ordinance
  • OoF – Officer of the Fleet
  • TS – Tempestus Scions
  • S – Strength of a weapon or character
  • W – Wounds
  • WAAC – Win At All Costs; where player fields an army to win, even if the army is cheesy, unfair, or borderline cheating
  • WC – Warp Charge, used for Psychic Phase


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