But can they run?

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When I was much younger, I played a tabletop game called Warhammer 40k. I recently stumbled upon a wiki with information about the lore of this piece of my childhood.

The most famous ‘human’ fighting force in this hellish, science-fiction future are the Adaptus Astartes or Space Marines. These fictional warriors are given implants and intense hormone training to become unstoppable warriors. Until I read this wiki page about them, I didn’t realize the proportions of how large these sci-fi warriors would be.

Space Marine Anatomy

Take a look at the size comparison on the bottom. The ‘Average human’ at 5’9″ is about my size. Now look at the Basketball Player, then the massiveness of the Space Marine! Imagine humans at 7’6″ and 780 pounds! The only exiting humans I can think of with that build would be Andre The Giant and the WWE’s Big Show. It just kind of boggles to mind to even imagine humans with that much mass.

However, I imagine these 780 pound humans wearing 200kg of armor wouldn’t run too well.