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Warp Talons with Balloons

Based on this article by Goonhammer, I decided I wanted some Warp Talons in my Creations of Bile list: They would be fast, hit with a bucketload of attacks, have boosted strength, and re-roll to wound. Unfortunately, they’d also be relatively fragile. In keeping with the rest of my models for this army, balloons would continue the circus-theme. 

I bought the balloons on Amazon. They are listed as “dollhouse balloons”. They make the models a bit unbalanced, but adding the magnets strategically in the bases adds some counterweight.

I’m Mary Poppins Y’all (source)

The balloons make it almost look as if they are being lifted aloft by the balloons, almost in a Mary Poppins sort of way. 

I’m definitely not modelling for advantage. In fact, because they seem more visible I’m probably modelling for disadvantage. But, rule of cool, right?

There is a lovely dichotomy and irony between these flying armoured daemon-infested superhumans with viscous talons, and the relative playfulness of the primary-coloured balloons. The contrast makes it even more delicious.