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Converted Motor-tricycle with Icon and Female Chaos Space Marine Rock Band

I started this project as an entry for 28 Mag’s Female Space Marine project painting competition. It started like many other entries where people just put female heads on Space Marine bodies. It spiraled into this…

I’m working on a Circus-themed display board to enter in Armies on Parade 2021. I’ve already made a “Ringleader”  Daemon Prince and Greater Possessed “Strongman.” I am working on a full squad of 9 Chaos Space Marine bikes where the riders will be in outlandish trick poses. I decided one of them should have an Icon, which buffs the unit sort of like a Bard in DnD lore. Then I thought: “How can I make this over-the-top excessive and impractical?’ I thought back to my previous musician models, and thought up this design as a sort of cross between Mad Max and a Space Marine Attack Bike. Then, it just seemed an even more excessive step to have it with a female crew.

It started as a pile of bits

The tricycle itself is a massive hodge-podge kitbash of parts: At its base is obviously a Chaos Space Marine bike, plus an extra wheel from another bike. The additional frame parts are from the AoS Chaos Warshrine bits that didn’t get into “Blinky.” There is a lot of random sprue bits and green stuff holding it together. The Icon at the back is an Endless Spell. And the speakers are from Alternative Armies

The riders are made up of some unusual parts too. The Drum Kit is also from Alternative Armies. The drummer’s head is a Drukari (Dark Eldar) and her ponytail is from a Sister of Silence. The guitars are green stuff casts of the new Noise Marine’s guitar. The driver and right guitarists’ heads are from Female Barbarian Dwarf models for Dungeons and Dragons. The left guitarists head was made for a model I designed in Hero Forge to resemble my daughter with pigtails and a smirk. It was 3D printed by Anthony at Token Resistance.

The infantry models can all be removed from the model: There are steel washers embedded in the surface of the model and the musicians have magnets in their feet.

Lens flares are awesome!

As with many of my models, it has LED’s. The eyes of the “Icon” have flickering blue LED’s and it’s mouth has a rapidly colour-changing LED. The battery is in the base and the switch is on the back.


From a lore point of view, I know GW says that there aren’t any female Space Marines because the gene seed is incompatible with women. But, there are a few parties in the Warhammer 40k universe that can tinker with the genetics and laws of nature. Belarus Cawl comes to mind with his Primaries tech-heresy. So does Fabius Bile. I was planning on running this army as Creations of Bile, so if anyone has made Female Space Marines, Bile might be one of them. I guess they wouldn’t exactly be just Emperor’s Children any more; more specifically they’d be Emperor’s Daughters!

Riding into battle along with a unit of other Chaos Space Marine Bikes

Motorized Chaplain Dreadnought

I sent a link to this blog to a friend’s husband, then realized I haven’t updated in almost a year. So I thought this would be a good time to do some updates. Also, if you’re reading this, hi Tom!

I’m particularly proud of this next project. I have had a lot of success putting lights in things like my two last display boards, this chimera, this Leman Russ Tank, this Basilisk Tank, and many others (like this…. thing I won an award for). But I wanted to up the ante even more. What if a model had actually moving parts!

For an upcoming 2000 points Imperial Fists list, I decided I wanted to include a Venerable Chaplain Dreadnought model. 1d4chan calls it one of the best models Space Marines can field. It is from Forge World, and a discontinued model, but I was able to get one from eBay. It didn’t come with arms, but fortunately I had one for sale. I also bought the Imperial Armour book so I could legally use it in tournaments. I’m a little concerned that the Forge World units will be getting new books soon, but hopefully I can make use of that rulebook I bought.

The popular meta is to give it two close combat weapons (CCW), or a CCW and twin-lascannons. But I didn’t feel like I could put a motor on either of those. So, it has the option to take an assault cannon, which I see as a rotating gatling kind of gun, which would be fun to motorize.

Assembled but unpainted Venerable Dreadnought Chaplain model

I started by going all out with the lights. First, the four exhaust ports at the back would have the flickering flames that worked so well on my hellhounds. I use these flickering LED’s and transparent flames from Zinge Industries. I also wanted the eyes of the “skull” head to light up. Unfortunately, instead of drilling out the eyes, I drilled out the whole skull. Fortunately, Zinge had a solution for that too: A Transparent Flaming Skull.

I had an oversight putting the skull light and flickering lights on the same battery, because the light for the skull drained so much current that both lights wouldn’t work at the same time. So, I re-wired them onto different batteries but the same switch.

Finally, the motorized assault cannon. This was SO much harder than I thought it would be! First of all, the arm space I have to work with is tiny. Fortunately, I was able to find a motor that would fit in the arm. It’s meant to make cell phones vibrate. I broke 3 of them trying to get it wired correctly. Then, I realized the CR1220 batteries didn’t have enough power for the motor and weight of the “gun barrel part”. So, I added a CR2032 battery.

See, it’s a really, REALLY small motor

That left me with a spare switch and battery in the base. I wired that to a light in the front of the base. I think I’ll use that to indicate if the Chaplain’s canticle is in effect for that turn.

I’m very happy with the end result. I can’t wait to bring it to a tournament, and when someone says “it would be even more awesome if the gun worked.” Then I’ll hit a switch and watch the jaws drop!

Video of the lights and motorized motor in action. My hand gives you an idea of how small the model is.

I shared this on a few Facebook groups, and below is my favourite comment:


Much like my recently published post about the Ironclad Dreadnought, I saw this Rhino on eBay and decided to buy it and repaint it.

The Space Marine Rhino is the most ubiquitous of the METAL BAWKSES. The steel workhorse of dedicated transports, the iconic Rhino is a competitive stalwart of Space Marine Armies.  At a measly 35 points, it’s also an incredibly cheap transport with a capacity of 10 models and a storm bolter! Two models can also fire out the top hatch giving it some additional punch and overwatch potential.

Rhino model as it arrived from eBay

This particular tank model looked pretty rough when I received it. I got a pretty good price for it so I knew I was getting what I paid for. It had a rough blue colour and some thatch which I imagine was supposed to represent some sort of camoflage. I tried scraping it off as best I could and then primed it white.


Rhino primed white


Like the dreadnought, it was really tricky getting a nice even yellow colour across the whole tank. I started with Averland Sunset then topped it with Yriel Yellow.

I had an older-style Imperial Guard pintle storm bolter which I mounted where there used to be some sort of missile launcher.

I wanted to add my own flair to the tank, I wanted to add optional hunter-killer missiles. I see that the new style is the small pods that look like infantry missile-launchers, but I like the old style that look like a huge box.

And I used some really powerful magnets to make them optional. One was mounted on each side of the hull. I had to carve out a lot of space for the magnet.

Concealing some strong magnets within the hull of the rhino.
Concealing some strong magnets within the hull of the rhino.


I was able to successfully hide the magnets with a lot of liquid green stuff and then several layers of paint. You can hardly tell that they’re there. But, the magnets on the missile launcher are definitely going to stick, and swivel as necessary.


Imperial Fists Space Marine Rhino
Imperial Fists Space Marine Rhino


I felt that the dozer blade was totally necessary. I expect the rhino to drive up the field flat out 18″, so passing those dangerous terrain tests is a must. As a last resort, it can also ram some tanks in the back. And, finally, it kind of maintains the “construction” look I was going for with all of my Imperial Fists.


Imperial Fists Space Marine Rhino (rear view)
Imperial Fists Space Marine Rhino (rear view)

Imperial Fists Space Marine Rhino with two Hunter-Killer Missiles
Imperial Fists Space Marine Rhino with two Hunter-Killer Missiles


Imperial Fists Space Marines
Imperial Fists Space Marines with Rhino in back right


Can you see the "construction" theme?

Can you see the “construction” theme?


I have the parts to make another Rhino. I was thinking of making it an Inquisition Rhino, but I hear that Rhinos can be taken as Fast Attack units in the next Space Marine Codex. If that’s the case, I can put a squad of Astra Militarum veterans in one and treat it as a cheaper troops unit… hmmm… decisions decisions.

Space Marine Ironclad Dreadnought “Fort”

This model was something of a labour of love. I saw this Ironclad Dreadnought on eBay and decided I needed to have it. It came with a hurricane bolter for its right arm, and a choice of Seismic Hammer or Chainfist for the left arm.

The purpose of an Ironclad Dreadnought is to get into CC with things, preferably vehicles and wreck them.

Original model as it arrived from eBay

Ironically, I rather liked its original colour. The grey was a good match for my Astra Militarum forces, but not for the Imperial Fists Space Marines it would join.

So, I did a dirty coat of white to cover the old paint scheme.


Getting an even coat of yellow over the formerly grey was really tricky. I find painting any models yellow is a labour of patience and persistence.

I didn’t like the stats of the Seismic Hammer. It’s 2X Strength (so, 12+D6 damage)  and AP1, and unwieldy and comes with a built-in meltagun. Reading a few reviews, many recommend replacing the seismic hammer with a chainfist. The difference is that the chainfist is only AP2, but has armourbane which means its damage will 12+2D6. Another recommendation was to replace the meltagun with a heavy flamer. I think this makes a lot of sense because the meltagun’s effective range is within charging range of its dangerous CC weapons, and the heavy flamer gives this dreadnought some potential anti-infantry punch, especially on overwatch! Both substitutions are points neutral.

As an Imperial Fists dreadnought, I imagined it really needed to have a fist, in particular, a Power Fist! Most tactics blogs I read recommended ditching the hurricane bolter in favour of a power fist.

I got a power fist from eBay and it fit nicely on the left arm.  However, the chainfist arm I had was also meant for the left arm. Since the hand would look weird flipped, I decided to modify the arm so it would go backwards and fit on the right arm. It took a lot of glue and liquid green stuff, but I think it looks almost like it fits on that arm now.

The hunter-killer missiles on the shoulders aren’t the most competitively functional items. At 10 point each, two 1-shot S8 missiles may not make their value back, especially if they miss. But, they looked too cool not to keep.

Imperial Fists Space Marine Dreadnought "Fort" (Front View)
Imperial Fists Space Marine Dreadnought “Fort” (Front View)


Imperial Fists Space Marine Dreadnought "Fort" (Side View)
Imperial Fists Space Marine Dreadnought “Fort” (Side View)


Imperial Fists Space Marine Dreadnought "Fort" (Other Side View)
Imperial Fists Space Marine Dreadnought “Fort” (Other Side View)


Imperial Fists Space Marine Dreadnought "Fort" (Back View)
Imperial Fists Space Marine Dreadnought “Fort” (Back View)


The name “Fort” has a double meaning. Fort is a boys name, and could be the short form of Fortuanto. Fort can also be a short for fortification. And lastly, in Italian and French, fort(e) means strong, which makes sense for such a large beast of a machine.

At 155 points including the 20 for the two hunter-killer missiles, it’s a big sink for points. But, if I can get in range of a few enemy tanks and rip them apart, it will definitely be worth it.

Actually getting it into combat may be a challenge. Without a drop pod it will have to walk to the enemy tanks. Its front and side armor of 13 are impressive, but I still don’t want it in the open too much or it will be destroyed before it sinks its chainfist into heretic, traitorous and/or xenos enemies.

Imperial Fists Space Marine Dreadnought "Fort" with other Imperial Fists
Imperial Fists Space Marine Dreadnought “Fort” with other Imperial Fists


Space Marine Vindicator “Subtlety”

I’m finally getting through my backlog of vehicles and able to share some finished pictures.

The first tank I recently completed was a Space Marine Vindicator. Imperial Fists are considered to be siege masters, so the Vindicator seems thematically like the most appropriate tank for them to start with.

The Vindicator is a brutal tank overall. It is a Heavy Support option for 125 points and has AV 13 11 10 and BS 4. . This tank is based on the Rhino  chassis but replaces the transport capacity with a ridiculously devastating Demolisher Cannon.  That cannon is ordnance and has a rather limited range of only 24″, but is S 10 and has AP 2! In my battle with Andrew about two months ago, he used a Vindicator to vaporize a whole squad of my guardsmen with a single shot!  

I got this particular model from eBay.  I like to think I got a pretty good deal on it. It was primed black, but I could see that there were some traces of blue on the bottom. It’s an older version of the model, which I don’t mind at all. It doesn’t have the dozer-blade/siege shield, which would be thematically appropriate, but I decided to save some points and go without it. 

Vindicator model as shipped from eBay
Vindicator model as shipped from eBay


I started by priming the whole tank skull white, and then did a dirty base coat of Averland Sunset. I highlighted the black and metal parts, but unfortunately some wound up on the yellow. Those are hard to clean up!

Base colours applied to the Space Marine Vindicator
Base colours applied to the Space Marine Vindicator


After reviewing the codex, I realized that smoke launchers, smoke light and a storm bolter are included in the 125 points. I thought it would be useful to have the pintle-mounted weapon, and since it was already included, I decided to add it. I had to make some modifications to the tank commander. It was surprisingly hard to cut off the pewter arm, but I think the final product looks convincing.

Space Marine Vindiciator,  now with pintle-mounted storm bolter
Space Marine Vindiciator, now with pintle-mounted storm bolter


As I mentioned earlier, covering dark spots with yellow was tricky. It took several coats of Yriel Yellow to get a nice even colour, but I’m pretty happy with the end product.

Side view of my Imperial Fists Space Marine Vindicator Tank
Side view of my Imperial Fists Space Marine Vindicator Tank


I like how many of the paint features turned out. The leadbelcher metallic really shines nicely and gives it an industrial feel. There were other parts I highlighted with Averland Sunset and then covered with Auric Armour Gold, and it looks really sharp, shiny, and golden.

The wooden boxes in the back look pretty effective too.

Rear view of my Imperial Fists Space Marine Vindicator Tank
Rear view of my Imperial Fists Space Marine Vindicator Tank


Front view of my Imperial Fists Space Marine Vindicator Tank
Front view of my Imperial Fists Space Marine Vindicator Tank

Why did I name it “Subtlety”? Well, it’s meant to be ironic. A bright yellow tank with a monstrously large gun is probably the most unsubtle thing imaginable.

My bright yellow tank with a huge cannon is ironically named "Subtlety"
My bright yellow tank with a huge cannon is ironically named “Subtlety”


I look forward to fielding this some day with my Imperial Fists allied force.

It's bad news time when you're staring down the barrel of a Space Marine Vindicator's Demolisher Cannon
It’s bad news time when you’re staring down the barrel of a Space Marine Vindicator’s Demolisher Cannon

And I imagine my opponents won’t look forward to staring down the barrel of the Demolisher Cannon!



Imperial Fists Captain

As I mentioned in this post, I clamored together $120 worth of online purchases so that I could get the Limited Edition Web Exclusive Space Marine Captain as a free bonus.


I didn’t want to make an Ultramarine Captain, I wanted to make a Imperial Fists Captain! He would fill a needed HQ slot for my Imperial Fists army.

I started by painting his parts in the sprue.  

Space Marine Captain's parts still on the sprue
Space Marine Captain’s parts still on the sprue

I like that he came with a storm bolter. It’s a versatile weapon and still allows him to charge the same turn as firing. The power fist is good, but I wanted something more iconic. For the game Warhammer 40,000, I thought it was fitting that the Space Marine Captain carry a Warhammer! Fortunately, a Stormtrooper model I bought on eBay had been modified to carry a Thunder Hammer. That model can’t carry it in-game, so I removed it and gave it to the Captain.

I also switched out the head it came with for a space marine sergeant head. I figured he should be yelling and not so stoic.

Almost completed Imperial Fists Space Marine Captain
Almost completed Imperial Fists Space Marine Captain

I’m really happy with how he turned out, especially the cape


Imperial Fists Space Marine Captain: Left view
Imperial Fists Space Marine Captain: Left view


Imperial Fists Space Marine Captain: Front view
Imperial Fists Space Marine Captain: Front view


Imperial Fists Space Marine Captain: Right view
Imperial Fists Space Marine Captain: Right view


Imperial Fists Space Marine Captain: Back view
Imperial Fists Space Marine Captain: Back view


I made use of the power fist that came with the sprue and gave it to the veteran sergeant of my tactical squad.

Veteran sergeant now equipped with a power fist and my Captain
Veteran sergeant now equipped with a power fist and my Captain

I’m looking forward to having the Captain lead an allied detachment of Space Marines, or as an independent army!


Space Marine Captain leading a small tactical squad of Imperial Fists Marines
Space Marine Captain leading a small tactical squad of Imperial Fists Marines



Battle Report: Imperial Guard vs. Blood Angels Death Company

I went to my local Games Workshop on the afternoon of July 13 planning to play a beginner league game. The person I was planning to play was already engaged in a game, but someone recommended I play Andrew’s Blood Angles at 1000 points. I was there and ready to go, so I accepted. I hastily added models to my army to make 1000 points. I should have examined what he was fielding…

This was actually my first battle of 7th Edition Warhammer 40,000. A good learning experience since I expect I’ll be facing a lot of Space Marines in the future.

My troops well entrenched within a ruined building
My troops well entrenched within a ruined building

My army consisted of the following:

  • Two Company Command Squads, one with a lascannon
  • Three veteran squads
  • Chimera
  • 6 Stormtroopers in a Taurox Prime
  • 9 Ratlings
  • 5 Rough Riders
  • Techpriest Engiseer
  • 2 Psykers (ML2)

Andrew fielded a very daunting Blood Angels Death Company Force

  • Reclusiam Chaplain
  • Librarian
  • 8 Death Company Space Marines
  • Dreadnought in Drop Pod
  • Land Raider
  • Vindicator


Imperial Guardsmen engage Blood Angels Death Company Space Marines. the close combat goes VERY badly for the guardsmen...
Imperial Guardsmen engage Blood Angels Death Company Space Marines. the close combat goes VERY badly for the guardsmen…


I wrote the following little bit of fluff for the Narritive League giving a more dramatic review of the battle.

Orders were orders. The Munitorum had ordered the Commander’s detachment to hold the square and eliminate any forces that tried to cross it. The square was the only clear path through what was left of the sprawling settlement, so it had been a strategic choke point against the enemy.

The square was now far back of the front lines, but the Commander’s Imperial Guard troops continued to follow orders. From well-entrenched positions, they attacked anyone who tried to cross it: Enemies, allies, and Imperial Citizens. The square was now logistically vital for getting supplies to the new front lines, but the guardsmen continued to follow orders.

This could have all been avoided if the Munitorum had rescinded or clarified their orders. But, the Imperium being what it was, the Guardsmen continued firing on anyone trying to cross the square.

The inglorious task of unseating these loyal yet foolish guardsmen fell to a detachment from the Blood Angel’s Death Company. Approaching quickly with a Land Raider and Vindicator, they seized the opportunity to attack.

An entire squad of loitering guardsmen were obliterated by the opening blast from the Vindicator’s Demolisher Cannon. These tanks were more like mobile fortresses and quickly eliminated the weapons that posed the greatest threat to them.

A dreadnought deployed by drop-pod caused havoc and confusion in the guardsmen’s lines. But it was brought down with by a torrent of disciplined fire.

The guardsmen had little time to lick their wounds or repair their damaged vehicles as the Land Raider deployed its deadly cargo of Death Company Space Marines. They brutally tore through a squad of guardsmen. The marines shrugged off dozens of lasgun blasts and surged forward, scaling a ruin to cleanse it of the troops entrenched within.

Meanwhile, the Vindicator  and seemingly invincible Land Raider continued to harry entrenched Ratlings and guardsmen. The Astra Militarum troops had the advantage of cover, but without a means to penetrate the heavy armour, it was only a matter of time before attrition took them all.

Finally on the roof of the ruin, the Chaplain leading the Space Marines challenged the Commander to single combat.

“I’m only following orders!” bellowed the commander.

“So am I,” the Chaplain coolly replied. With a mighty blow from his Crozius Arcanum, the Chaplain felled not only the Commander, but also his entire Command Squad.

From atop the ruin, the Chaplain had a clear view of the square. The remaining Imperial Guard forces were either fleeing or slain. The Chaplin’s thrill and satisfaction from the kill momentarily faded to melancholy. What madness must haunt the Universe for loyal Imperial forces to slay each other over an administrative error?

Looking over the ruins, the Chaplain quietly whispered: “You are relieved, Commander.”

Death Company Space Marines about the scale the ruin
Death Company Space Marines about the scale the ruin




The less fluffy version of the story? Bad news:

  • The Vindicator destroyed 9 of 10 models in a squad with one shot! Woah! (I’m getting one for my Imperial Fists Army…)
  • The Space Marines tore through my guardsman in close combat like tissue paper!
  • The Land Raiders AV14 armour seems almost impenetrable. Strength 3 lasguns don’t stand for much.
  • Space Marine power armour can take an obscene amount of punishment
  • My plasma weapons caused more damage to me than my opponent
  • Psychic phase is very random. I don’t think the ML2 psykers casting Precedence was worth the points, especially since veterans hit on 3+ anyways. I also rolled for the Misfortune power which causes Rending, but even that doesn’t add much.
  • The Tempestus Scions (stormtroopers) were almost useless. AP3 is nice, but it’s only Strength 3, and the Death Company had Feel No Pain anyways, so it was like they still had an armour save.

Good Lessons Learned

  • Because of their stealth, Ratlings in ruin get 3+ cover save. Very nice! And as infiltrators they can camp and harass infantry throughout the game.
  • The Rough Riders were surprisingly effective at close combat. I regret holding them in reserve.
  • Orders worked quite well. The Vox-casters came in handy.
  • My vehicles were surprisingly sturdy. I should have let my troops hide in there much longer in hopes of avoiding death by CC!
  • Techpriest was handy: Power of the Machine Spirit was nice for restoring full BS to an extra vehicle weapon. And he did constant repairs to the Chimera.

If I were fighting such an armour heavy army again, I’d equip a squad or two with the Demolitions doctrine so that they could use Melta Bombs against tanks. The Rough Riders could have caused a mess with Melta Bombs too.

At one point I had a squad set off a torrent of 21 twin-linked lasgun shots (7 lasguns, rapid fire, rank fire order, precedence). Regrettably, that caused only 1 wound! Rather disappointing. Perhaps a less tough infantry-based army would suffer more from the onslaught…

Hope you enjoyed the report!

My Warhammer 40k Personality

I used to play Space Marines as part of my Warhammer 40,000 army. Specifically, I used to collect an army of Ultramarines. I’ve since lost interest in them. I find them a little too lawful neutral, like Javert from Les Miserables. At other times, they are a little too lawful good (or lawful stupid) being painfully adherent to the rules of the Codex Astartes. When I was little, I used to be so goody-goody and blindly follow the rules. I guess as I grow, my interpretation of morals changes too.

Now I see why the fandom calls them the Ultra-Smurfs
Now I see why the fandom calls them the Ultra-Smurfs

Of the Astartes and Primarchs, I find myself recently more drawn to Rogal Dorn and the Imperial Fists. They’re more neutral good, like me (I consider myself a Type II neutral good). They also seem unusually somber and serious. And the resounding trait they inherited from their primarch is stubborn determination, and must learn when to back off.

Imperial Fists Space Marines painted by me
Imperial Fists Space Marines painted by me

Here’s a great quote from the Sentinels of Terra Space Marine supplement that really struck a chord with me.

Those who encounter the sons of Dorn are often left with the impression of somber and cheerless warriors. Those that know them better recognize the passion that all Imperial Fists keep under tight rein through adherence to protocol. This continual mortification is necessary, for pride has ever been the Imperial Fists’ greatest weakness.

But, in general, it’s a little hard to relate to Space Marines. They’re genetically and technologically enhanced super-soldiers that have been through rigorous psycho-training and live only for combat. In a grimdark future of technological and daemonic monstrosities, how does a normal human stand up? 


That’s one of the things I find most appealing about the Imperial Guard Astra Militarum: It’s regular humans facing the horrors of the future. They have flak armour and lasguns, but in this setting it’s the equivalent of cardboard armour  and a flashlight.

I suppose the Inquisition could apply too because many of them are just super-trained men.

Anyways, if when I ever play a game, I’ll report on how regular men fare in the grimdark Warhammer 40,000 universe against the horrors that appear there.