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Early Draft List for Upcoming Tournament

I mentioned last week that I’m registered to participate in a tournament on August 20. Time is ticking down and I’ve been pondering list building quite a bit.

The most interesting part of building this list is the rule that only troops are scoring. To that end, I am putting WAY more troops than usual.

Astra Militarum is not known for being very mobile, or durable, so I’m hoping the dedicated transports help buff my “squishy” infantry squads.

I have only two Psykers in this army. I worry I may be a little lean in this department. Though, part of me wonders if I’d be better off losing the Primaris and taking another infantry squad.

But, with only troops scoring and no allies, I don’t have to worry about super-heavies.

Section of my Astra Militarum Army
Section of my Astra Militarum Army. Not exactly as will be fielded.

Combined Arms Detachment: Astra Militarum [1500 Points]


Company Command Squad, Company Commander, two Veterans with Plasma Guns, Medic, Astropath, Master of Ordanance, Officer of the Fleet, Chimera with Dozer Blade and Heavy Stubber [246]

Primaris Psyker [50]

Techpriest Engiseer with two Servitors [60]

Ministorum Priest [25]

Ministorum Priest [25]

Commissar [25]



Veteran Squad, Veteran Sergeant with Boltgun, two Veterans with Meltagun, Chimera with Dozer Blade and Heavy Flamer [138]

Infantry Platoon [453]

-Platoon Command Squad, Platoon Commander with Boltgun and Melta Bombs, Melta, Heavy Flamer

-Infantry Squad, Sergeant with Boltgun and Melta Bombs, Autocannon, Chimera

-Infantry Squad, Sergeant with Boltgun, Flamer, Autocannon, Taurox

-Conscript Squad (50 models)


Fast Attack

Vendetta [170]


Heavy Support

Leman Russ Exterminator with Lascannon and Heavy Bolter Sponsors [160]

Wyvern [65]

Hydra [70]


There are 7 tanks and a flyer on this list, which I think is pretty mighty.

Everything on this list is already built except the two autocannons, one ministorum priest, and the 50 (!!) conscripts. That could be a long and tedious process, but any conscripts I don’t finish can probably be replaced with some other units I have left behind.

And, regrettably, I’m leaving  a lot of units behind. No Temptestus Scions / Stormtroopers, 2 Leman Russes, 2 Hellhounds, 2 Sentinels, bullgryns, ratlings, rough riders, Basilisk, several techpriests and servitors, and special characters Creed and Nork Deddog.

I’m considering switching the Commissar for a Lord Commissar to give the conscripts squad some heft.


Let’s see how many models I get done in time and then I’ll re-evaluate this list.

Astra Militarum Infantry Platoon

I recently finished my set of Astra Militarum Infantry models. I’m really proud of how they came out. These Cadian models turned out really well with my custom colour palette. It looks like an imposing force. In a battle, I expect they’ll be slaughtered, but they look really cool as a mob right now!

My Astra Militarum Infantry Models
My Astra Militarum Infantry Models (click on the image for higher resolution)


At the moment, it’s a fully fieldable army with an HQ and two Troops selections. This army consists of a command squad and two infantry squads. I went rather heavy on the special weapons, so there are only a couple of different ways I can field them:

Current Arrangement:

Company Command Squad (96 points)
-Officer carries a boltgun
-Regimental Standard

Veteran Squad 1 (81 points)
-Sergeant carries a boltgun
-3 Grenade launchers

Veteran Squad 2 (76 points)
-Sergeant with laspistol and close combat weapon
-2 Flamers

I like this arrangement. Veterans have a higher Ballistic Skill which can come in really handy. I imagine Veteran Squad 2 would go in first because of their flamers, and the the other two squads would support from behind. I have a Chimera and I’m finishing a Taurox, so I hope these can help me move the move the squads around quickly. With the transports, this works out to only 373 points

I parts to make 15 more Cadian infantry models from an eBay purchase so I’m thinking about how to add them to this army. I was considering making a close combat oriented command squad, but I think I’ll save those chainswords for my Inquisitorial henchmen. There are two directions I could go: Add another veteran squad, or re-arrange into an infantry platoon.

Option 1: More Veterans 
-Keep up to 3 special weapons per squad
-Keeps Ballistic skill of 4
-Options for special doctrines (grenadiers, forward sentries, demolitions)

-Slightly more points
-No additional officer
-Limited to 6 in force organization chart (FOC)
-Unable to combine squads
-More of the same

Company Command Squad (96 points), Veteran Squad 1 (81 points), and Veteran Squad 2 (76 points), Chimera (70 points) and Taurox (50 points) remain the same.

Veteran Squad 3 (81 points)
-Sergeant carries a boltgun
-3 Special Weapons

New total: 449 points, 35 models


Option 2: Infantry platoon
-Additional command squad that can issue orders
-Flexibility to create heavy weapon, special weapon, and conscript squads

-Ballistic skill reduced to 3 because infantry squads are no longer veterans
-Limited to 1 special weapon per squad

Company Command Squad (96 points), Chimera (70 points), and Taurox (50 points) remain the same.

Platoon Command Squad (66 points
-Officer carries a bolt pistol and power sword
3 grenade launchers

Infantry Squad 1 (61 points)
-Sergeant carries a boltgun

Infantry Squad 2 (60 points)
-Sergeant with laspistol and close combat weapon

Infantry Squad 3 (61 points)
-Sergeant with bolt pistol and close combat weapon

New total: 464 points, 40 models

So, for 15 additional points, I get 5 more models, but the group isn’t quite as strong. In fact, I see those 15 points are the same as the power sword on the platoon commander. Hmmm..

I could combine a couple of these squads into a Combined Squad for serious fun. If I got a couple more lasguns I could separate the flamers into their own special weapon squad too.

I guess one of the nice things is that I can easily switch between the two arrangements by leaving out a couple lasguns. 

Which direction should I go?