Plague Marine with Flail of Corruption conversion

I’m proud to share this model, it’s surprisingly clean and subtle. I feel like this might be one of my cleanest painted models, which is particularly ironic because he is Nurgle and Death Guard.

This model is a conversion. I started with the model for Obsidius Mallex, the Chaos Lord from the Blackstone Fortress boxed game. The model was equipped with a Thunder Hammer and Plasma Pistol.

I started with a model of Obsidius Mallex, the Chaos Lord from the Blackstone Fortress boxed game. This is what he would have looked like if painted to look like Black Legion.

I replaced his head with a Mk.3-looking helmet, and remodeled his arms so he was holding a pole with a two-handed grip. On the end of the pole I hung some chain bits from the Chaos Rhino box to resemble the flail bits.

Side-by-side of original model and my conversion

I used mostly contrast paints: Plaguebearer flesh for the armour, and Magos purple over screamer pink for the fabric. I’m particularly proud of the tentacle-tube-things all around the model. They would be very subdued in Obsidius Mallex’s Black Legion colours, but I made them pop for Death Guard. I used Green Stuff World’s Colour Shift paints to finish them off, and the colour shift actually works well this time! It gives the tentacle-tube-things a living, almost slimy quality.

Completed model: Death Guard Plague Marine with Flail of Corruption

When Warhammer events finally return to the Greater Toronto Area, I’m planning on bringing a Death Guard army. Plague Marines are pretty good troops to bring, so I have a growing collection. I wanted another Plague Marine with Plague of Corruption. This one model makes six attacks in melee, without penalty to hit, at strength 5, AP-2, and 2 damage. Plague Marine tricks include reducing the enemy toughness by 1, and re-roll 1’s to wound. It’s essentially a loyalist Primaris Marine smasher. Pity you are limited on how many you can take. I will probably sacrifice all other models in a squad to protect the model with a Flail of Corruption.