Poxwalkers: Undead Zombie Daemon Clowns

This idea for this unit was inspired by my recently completed “I Scream” truck conversion of a Chaos Rhino. That vehicle resembled “Sweet Tooth” from the Twisted Metal Video Games, and that vehicle represents a kind of corrupted clown. It got a lot of great feedback so I decided to use it as a thematic centrepiece of my new display board.

In the “I Scream” truck, there is a converted Poxwalker serving Ice Cream out of the side window. I went with bright, garish colours to make it appear “clown-like.” So, I extended that idea to an entire unit of 10 models.

Zombie daemon clown poxwalker serving ice cream as part of my “I Scream Truck” conversion

I decided all of these undead zombie Daemon clowns would have white/grey skin, red lips, neon green “hair” and pink outfits. For those that had shoes, I decided to go with a clown-shoe-like red. 

One of them is converted to hold a banner. I found the flag bit in a bag of Dark Eldar bits. It’s painted in red and white stripes like a circus tent.

Another is converted to resemble a sort of circus ringleader. It already had a long coat, and I added a top hat made of plasticard and a piece of heat shrink.

Detail of my non-metallic metal work and edge highlighting on the poxwalker’s weapon

I took this opportunity to continue practicing non-metallic metal (NMM). Like my recent Vorx model, I went for a “Power Rust” look, wet-blending a gradient from Typhus Corrosion, Mornfang Brown, Cadian Fleshtone, and Ryza Rust. Practice makes perfect, and I think I’m slowly getting better.

Squad of 10 “undead zombie daemon clown” poxwalkers

The bases are Desert Basin beveled bases from Secret Weapon. I bought them at X Planet Games.

I quite like the effect and they will work with my Death Guard army, or upcoming circus-themed army. I think I may make 10 more!