Tournament August 20!

I was musing in a recent post about my massive backlog of models to paint. I was a little unfocused and unmotivated considering I had SO many models for potentially 3 different armies. Well, signing up for a tournament will certainly focus somebody really quickly!

Banner for the Lords of War 40k "Classic" Tournament
Banner for the Lords of War 40k “Classic” Tournament

I keep abreast of recent Warhammer 40k news mostly through Facebook groups. Someone was nice enough to share this event on Facebook about an event close to home! I’m excited that I’ll be joining this Lords Of War Tournament, the 40k Classic on August 20.

I haven’t played much 7th edition Warhammer 40k at all, so I’m a little intimidated by the gaming scene in general. I like that the rules for this tournament are “classic” style, with limitations to one Codex only, no formations, no special rules, and troops scoring only. There is much less chance of funny shenanigans and loads of ridiculous stacking special rules.

I’ll be participating in the 1500 points, singles, single codex event on Saturday. It looks like I’ll have four six-turn games.

Because it’s single codex, no special characters, and only troop scoring, running an Inqusition Army is regrettably out of the question.  So, all my Inquisition painting goes on the backburner for now.

I would have liked to field my Space Marines, but I have a lot left to paint. Regrettably, I don’t have the latest Codex, I’m working off of 6th edition, so that would be an additional cost too. And the rules against formations and detachments make them seem less appealing.

Which leaves me with my good old Imperial Guard Astra Militarum! And I’m quite okay with that. I have more than enough points to field 1500 points. Perhaps too many points.  That points limit gets hit pretty quickly. And I don’t have much experience playing so I’m not sure what are the most effective points investments. I’d love to run all tanks, but I need to conserve points for troops for scoring units. I’m tempted to try to build a lot of infantry models before the tournament to flood the field.

There are some absolutes I really want to field, like my recently finished Vendetta gunship, and all four of my dedicated transports. And a recently-built Wyvern. And certainly a company command squad with my Regimental advisers.

I have about two months to get my army ready. Onwards!

My Astra Militarum on display, preparing for deployment
My Astra Militarum on display, preparing for deployment