Hellhound “Cerberus”

Another new tank from that big eBay purchase all those months ago.  It started like a a Chimera manufactorum, but I’m starting to make my way through the backlog and starting to field an army of tanks!

My tank factory (or Chimera Manufactorum). Most of these tanks are finished now


 I’ve already published posts about my new transports Taurox “Lechon” and Chimera “Dauntless“. Today’s post is about my first non-transport tank: A Hellhound I’ve named “Cerberus”.


Just putting this together was a bit of a puzzle. The eBay package I bought of 3 tanks wasn’t exactly complete. The model that I assume was supposed to be the Hellhound was missing several tank track links. To remedy that, I pulled the track covers off of the Basilisk model and used them to cover the gaps in the tracks of the Hellhound. I have to admit that putting this puzzle together was pretty fun!

Unassembled parts of original Hellhound (left) and Basilisk (right). I moved the track covers from the Basilisk to the Hellhound to cover up missing tank track links.
Unassembled parts of original Hellhound (left) and Basilisk (right). I moved the track covers from the Basilisk to the Hellhound to cover up missing tank track links.

There were other pieces missing like the top hatch and front window. I cut up a random piece of plastic to simulate the top hatch and used some liquid green stuff to fill in the gaps. For the front hatch, there was a mount for a heavy bolter in the Chimera kit which I wasn’t using. It looks like a sensor array in the front, which I rather like.

It wasn’t fun to clean up the mess of glue. The model seemed to be covered in a lot of cheap glue, perhaps even from a hot glue gun. I think I chipped off most of it.


I stayed with the same grey, black and gold colour scheme that I’ve used on my infantry, chimera, and taurox 

Work in progress on Hellhound


To make this vehicle unique, I freehand painted some flames on the front and on the back door.

First layer of flame detail
Showing flame detail (and some liquid green stuff filling holes)


The tank commander kind of came together by accident, but I really like how he turned out. I used a head leftover from my Taurox kit. I think it was meant for the driver if it was a Taurox Prime driven by a Tempestus Scion with the gasmask. I also gave him a baton from the Command Squad sprue.





I followed the advice of Grumpy Guardsman on this post and equipped my Hellhound with a  multi-melta. It is one of the few ways Astra Militarum can field this powerful weapon. However, I’ve used it in a battle already, and the BS3 of the hellhound makes it rather unreliable to hit.

I can also field this as a Devil Dog where the main gun is a 24″ blast melta. That would make quite a tank hunter!

I have parts to make a second one, so I’ll probably follow Imperator Guides’ advice and make one with a hull flamer and a pintle-mounted heavy stubber. Being a fast vehicle I can fire two weapons at once, so if the hull heavy flamer is out of range I can still use the heavy stubber.


Name Origin:

I thought of a few different names, and Cerberus is the one that stuck.   From Greek and Roman mythology, Cerberus is the name of the eponymous Hellhound of Hades. It’s also the name of a somewhat sinister organization in the Mass Effect series of games.