My Inquisitor: Painting

A while back, I made a large purchase from the Games Workshop website so that I could get the Limited Edition Web Exclusive Space Marine Captain. I had to order over $120, so I got a bunch of stuff Astra Militarum models:

I didn’t have enough to get to $120, so I also ordered an Inquisitor with Combi-Weapon because I thought he looked cool. He’s got a massive sword, cool-looking gun, and his cape is flowing! Of course he looks awesome!


This is what it looked like before painting (note, not mine exactly, I forgot to take a pre-painting photo)

I wasn’t sure if or how I would use him in my army. The Inquisition eBook Codex has been a really good reference for me. It explained rules and profiles for Inquisitors and how an ‘Inquisitional Detachment’ can be added to any Imperial army.

I primed him white, and then decided that he should have a similar paint scheme to my Imperial Guard Infantry models. So I decided I’d lean heavily on the Adminsitratum Grey, Abbadon Black, and Averland Sunset.

First touches to my Inquisitor
First touches to my Inquisitor

I then decided I wanted to give this model a little punch. I found Auric Armour Gold at my local Games Workshop, and went a little overboard. I wound up painting the entire cape gold over the yellow. I regret nothing. It’s so shiny…

Auric Armour Gold makes it SHINY!
Auric Armour Gold makes it SHINY!

A lot more painstaking work went into the painting, but I’m really, really happy with how he turned out.

A touch I really like is that I added my family’s coat of arms on his right. I’m also particularly proud of the coloured wires on his left arm going to the gun.

Inquisitor Warhammer 40k Model, painted
My Inquisitor Model


I think I’m going to call him Inquisitor Pyradius. A long time ago, I used have have the nickname “Pyrad”, so adding the -ius makes it sound more latin-like and grimdark.

I look forward to sharing posts about this model, and potentially his retinue.

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