Circus Daemon prince “The Ringleader”

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mortals and Immortals, Daemons or All Ages!May I have your UNDIVIDED attention!?|We proudly bring to you the greatest show, this side of the Great Rift!Be amazed by feats of strength and speed! This much CHAOS could drive you mad! This show will CHANGE you, just as planned! We will overwhelm your senses to … Continue reading Circus Daemon prince “The Ringleader”

Da Red Gobbo and “Slay Ride”

In Fall 2019, Games Workshop’s Christmas Marketing was centered around the (re-)release of Da Red Gobbo model. It’s a Gretchin/Grot revolutionist, who in this iteration has a Santa-like motif. I haven’t painted an Ork since 2nd Edition, and currently had no Orks, and had no plans to get any Orks, so I thought I’d safely … Continue reading Da Red Gobbo and “Slay Ride”

Display Board “Sophie’s Choice” Rock Concert

My display board in 2018, “Sophie’s Garage” was well-received. I could have kept using it, but I decided I wanted to do something even better this year. I started this year with the question: “What would a high-level bard be like in the #Warhammer40k universe?” I figured it would be some sort of grimdark heavy metal band. … Continue reading Display Board “Sophie’s Choice” Rock Concert